How We Work We provide better Predictions
and Insights

COGITEM provides customer analytics and marketing intelligence solutions by using internal and external data which is ALREADY available in most firms’ records: past purchases transactions, ¬†customer channel use sales figures, past website log-in and usage, records on customer contact and complaints.

BETTER PREDICTIONS and INSIGHTS: Behavioral and transactional internal data which is available in most firms’ internal records can be effectively used to predict future consumer behavior and attitudes. Behavioral and transactional data, being used alone or together with the external data provided by marketing research (surveys and other field research) could provide better customer insights and future predictions to firms if used together with a well-identified marketing intelligence and customer analytics solutions.

COST EFFECTIVE: Using the ready-to-use and strongly predictive transactional and behavioral internal data costs less than conducting customer survey, carrying out quantitative and qualitative marketing research studies.

FASTER: Conventional marketing research techniques are more time-consuming as they require additional time for survey design and field work. Marketing and Consumer analytics based on internal transactional and behavioral data only requires time for data processing, analysis, modeling and reporting, and therefore is much FASTER.


Therefore COGITEM does NOT conduct surveys and field research.  Instead, as a further step of marketing intelligence and customer analytics which is complementing and creates additional value on conventional marketing research methods we use internal customer data based on past customer behavior if available- together with previously collected survey and marketing research data, integrate them, process and develops creative and state-of-the-art customer analytics solutions provide better customer insight and future predictions to its business partners.